Wood Siding Renovations

Cape Cod, Maybec, and Many Custom  Fabrications Available

"The real thing" - Pre-finished wood siding in many styles are still the best looking exteriors on many homes, cottages and even commercial buildings.

ASG HOME EXTERIORS can provide manufactured wood siding by Cape Cod & Maybec - and in addition, we have woodworking staff that can create custom siding from wood for your house, cottage, or commercial building.

If you've been struggling to "go green" with your home and lifestyle, real wood siding might be the perfect choice for you - it's renewable, bio-degradable, and  is the  ultimate ecological friendly siding available.

Wood siding is classic - and the look and feel of real genuine wood is often the choice of discerning home and commercial property owners.

Looking to have your home or commercial building exterior renovated and thinking wood?  Give us a call and we can go over all the advantages and things  you should be aware of, while ensuring the vision of your home becomes your reality.


custom wood siding on house
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