Aluminum Siding Renovations

Kaycan still provides a great product that has always been 100% recyclable.

While often a favourite material for commercial properties, aluminum  siding is also a good option for many home owners. It provides excellent insulating properties which can help  property owners  save on energy costs both during  warm summers and cold winters.

Aluminum is also completely waterproof and will not rust, mildew, or rot - it provides excellent protection against moisture.

Today's aluminum siding is available in a multitude of colours and styles as well as an assortment of textures - including options for vertical or horizontal formats  that provide great opportunities for the design of your exterior.

For those who are committed to being "green" as much as possible, aluminum is a great choice as it can be recycled  at its end of life, melted, and made into other products. It never needs to end  up in a landfill.

house with aluminum siding

Our Certifications

We pride ourselves on our ongoing training and certifications to bring you the best products and workmanship.

  • Celect® Siding Certified

    Certified for Celect® PVC Siding Installations

  • James Hardie Fiber Cement (FRC) Certified

    Certified by James Hardie - the world's leader in fiber cement siding.

  • Working At Heights

    All of our team are certified in the official Working At Heights program (Ontario)

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