The Old Cataract Church - St. Patrick Roman Catholic Church

formerly st patrick roman catholic church - cataract

Soffit, Fascia, & Roof

This is The Old Church in Cataract. We did the soffit and fascia on this 1878 building in black aluminum with an oversized 6" eavestrough to give it a pronounced look. The roof was done with a Eurosheild product. It is a rubber shingle made of recycled tires. Extremely durable, with low maintenance, this Eco friendly roof saved about 1000 tires from the landfill. Saint Patrick Catholic Church was opened in 1878 and served the area until 1978 when it was sold privately and turned into a home. This Eurosheild shingle is timeless and a permanent solution to your roofing needs with a 50 year warranty.

Cataract is a small settlement not far from Caledon Village and about a 10-15 minute drive from Orangeville, ON.

dedicated plaque mounted on st patrick roman catholic church

Plaque Dedicated - St. Patrick Church

"Saint Patrick Roman Catholic Church was built in 1878 to serve the needs of the many Irish Catholic mill workers at Cataract and neighbouring communities along the Credit River. It was on property obtained from the McEnaney family by Rev. John Joseph Egan, the then Pastor of Saint Cornelius Parsh, Siver Creek, Caledon Township. It was formally blessed and opened by the Archbishop of Toronto, Most Rev. John Joseph Lynch, at 11:00 a.m. Sunday, October, 2, 1978. After Orangeville became a parish in 1885, Cataract became one of its mission churches until the late 1950's when with the erection of a new Catholic Parish in the nearby Village of Erin it was finally closed for regular worship and later sold to private owners.

This plaque was dedicated on Sunday, October, 29, 1978 by The Pastor of Orangeville, Rev. Edward James Mahoney.


About Cataract, Caledon, Ontario

A small hamlet, with a population of approximately 16 people, Cataract is located within Town of Caledon. It is located on the Credit River and the area is quite scenic and is a popular to visit. Fly Anglers also love the area for the trout fishing the Credit River provides in the area.

It's name comes from it's proximity to the Forks Of The Credit, where exists waterfalls. In older English, a "cataract" meant "waterfalls," originating from the Greek word, katarrháktēs.

While only a small hamlet today, Cataract has a long history dating back to 1858. It was originally hoped that a village would be established here. Although the above church was later built, and even a train station, and a hydro electricity generating plant built at the falls, the original plan and vision of a thriving and growing village never was realized.

At one point, the area saw a gold rush.

If you own a home in the area of Cataract (or in the Town of Caledon) and have a new vision for your home's exterior, contact us today to see how ASG Home Exteriors might help you make that vision a reality!

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